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2017 Bruno Chevrette

Bruno Chevrette from Quebec, Canada has been selected as the recipient of the Krenov Foundation’s Professional Development Award (PDA) for 2017-18.

Following training in France, Bruno moved to Canada where he has been dividing his time between Furniture Making and Timber Frame House Construction.
He will use his Professional Development Award to travel to the Brooklyn, New York where he will study at the Mokuchi Workshop under the guidance of Japanese Woodworking Master Yann Giguere. 

Bruno believes that timber framing parallels cabinetry work on a building scale. He hopes that “traditional Japanese woodworking will provide the link between traditional carpentry and artistic woodworking that I am seeki¬ng. The knowledge and new skills gained will enrich my pool of expertise and enable me to create unique objects, furniture pieces and structures of high quality that will stand the test of time”.

This is the second year in a row that the Foundation’s PDA has been used to support study abroad. Last year’s winner, Kelly Parker traveled to New Zealand to study steam bending at the Center for Fine Woodworking.


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2016 - Kelly Parker

The 2016 Professional Development Award helped Kelly Parker with her Artist-in-Residency at The Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson, New Zealand, where she developed a method for bending large scale spirals of wood. Upon her return to Kansas City, MO, Kelly happily shared some benefits of her work at The Centre, “ it turns out, a lot of the things I learned during the residency about bending big spirals applied to my mini spirals... one of the students in the cabinetmaking class ended up doing a large egg-shaped side table for which he needed bent parts. I was able to work with him and pass on all of the knowledge I had acquired about bending big spirals, the joinery involved, techniques, etc. So that was exciting. The Krenov Foundation Professional Development Award is already having impact beyond my personal practice.  How cool is that?”